I have gone from 26 % body fat to 15% and have gained a fair amount of muscle density. Overall, I want to emphasize the fact I am fitter and stronger than when I was in my 20's.

My wife has never seen me look this good because I actually have muscles now. I went from feeling tired and weak to being full of energy and now have a greater capacity for work and life. I started at Box 33 with a 130kg deadlift and pushed it to 210kg in just over 12 months and actually came 4th in the world at the StrongFirst tactical strength challenge in the novice division earlier this year.* I would highly recommend Box 33 to absolutely anyone who desires to feel strong and healthier across the board.



I recall arriving at Box 33 and immediately feeling like I had stumbled across something pretty special. Just over a year ago I had never used a kettlebell, now fast forward to the end of 2014 and I had successfully completed SFG Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 Certification, achieved the Box 33 White Badge Standard and competed in StrongFirst's international Tactical Strength Challenge, which I won in the open division.*

It wasn’t filled with equipment you typically see in fitness facilities and Tim’s passion, knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious. I was hooked and so the Box 33 journey began. I would have described myself as having a reasonable level of fitness before joining Box 33 however, I found myself asking, no… demanding my body to move differently and subsequently achieving strength gains I’ve never previously experienced. I honestly cannot believe how strong and healthy I have become thanks to Tim and his amazing team of expert trainers.



After speaking with Tim I knew that Box 33 was the gym for me. My wife and I signed up straight away and it was the best decision we've ever made. I've lost 14kgs in 12 weeks and I have made a massive improvement on my fitness and strength.*

I had changed my role at work which meant being more office bound, resulting in a 15kg weight gain! I felt awful and I knew I needed to change. I have a young family and I was always tired and grumpy, and just couldn't be bothered doing anything. I decided to do something about it, so I searched online for gyms, clubs, and boot camps, and I came across Box 33. The Box 33 environment is fun, and everyone is encouraging and supportive. If improving fitness, strength, energy and losing weight is what people are looking for then Box 33 is the only place that can promise those results. Put in the effort and results come. You won't feel good, you'll feel awesome! I'm excited about the next 12 months of training, and reaching my new goals.



I used to think personal training was for unmotivated people or those with plenty of money. Since joining Box 33 my opinion has changed greatly. If you want to understand the bigger picture of health, fitness and mobility then Box 33 could really benefit you.

I wanted to get better at my stand up paddling, and be fitter all round. Box 33 has definitely helped me get closer to my overall goal. Currently, the trainers are helping me with my upcoming challenge of competing in a 43km stand up paddleboard ocean race in Hawaii this July. I never used to think about mobility but now I can physically see and feel the difference. Also, learning about nutrition has been a whole new aspect which helps me both at the gym and in day to day living. Plus, it's great to go to a gym which gets back to basics! No mirrors and machines! The trainers have a great knowledge of different types of strength training and mobility, and an awareness of individual requirements. I have been really impressed with how my work outs have been tailor made for me, with my trainer researching what stand up paddling technique is all about and how best to train for it. This combined with the nutritional advice has been a whole new level of learning for me.



Lost 13kg in 24 weeks! I was unhappy and struggled with my weight and the way I looked since puberty. After spending 18 months on Duromine (a prescription weight loss drug) I actually gained a large amount of weight! Now, I am lifting heavy, feeling coordinated, and my confidence and self-esteem has returned.*

Box 33 is not a pretentious gym. It has a welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is helpful, and you never feel like any question is a stupid question. Unlike other gyms, there isn’t a gaggle of ape like gym junkies hogging all the equipment, taking selfies and making me want to run away and hide! I am inspired by the trainers, and observing the efforts that they put in to their training, makes me more motivated and gives me confidence to now achieve results on my own. If you’re sitting on the fence, give it a go. You have nothing to lose by trying it out. Once you start training at Box 33 you will be hooked!



Box 33 has a welcoming environment, all the gym members are all very friendly and are happy to offer assistance, pass on advice and encouragement. Weight loss 10kgs, which exceeded my own expectations! My body is a lot more toned, I have increased muscle, and gained flexibility and core strength.*

I previously had felt overweight and sluggish, my clothes were becoming tight and I had that dreaded excess fat known as the “muffin top” hanging over my jeans. I was starting to feel very self-conscious about the way I looked and although I walked my dogs daily this just wasn’t enough to shed those unwanted kilos or get me back in to the shape I desired. I also lacked the self-motivation, knowledge or equipment to work out on my own. I had never been in to health and fitness before and was skeptical about attending a regular gym facility, so I searched online for Personal Trainers at facilities that would best suit my needs. Eventually I found Box 33. I’m now a lot more conscious about what I eat and have a better understanding of food and nutrition, my quality of sleep is better, I am happier about the way I look, I am starting to notice the changes in my body which has increased my level of self-esteem and I feel great when family and friends compliment me on how well I look. I also feel comfortable in the clothes I wear (now a few sizes smaller) I like that Box 33 is a small intimate facility, I wasn’t keen to go somewhere where I would be daunted by an array of gym equipment that I had no idea what to do with or how to use it and most importantly I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about what I was doing. Box 33 makes you feel like you belong, this is what makes you feel good about yourself, this is what gives you the desire to do your best.



I was recommended to see Tim at Box 33 and I haven’t looked back. In 10 months, I dropped 2 dress sizes and have a regained zest for life and fitness.*

I had been struggling with my level of fitness, my general health & nutrition. Together with back & knee issues, this was hindering my ability to focus on improving my overall well being. I was feeling like an old lady. My overall strength has improved dramatically which has helped my back considerably. I strive on being challenged to push myself. I come away from each training session feeling exhilarated. The results I have achieved have been very uplifting. Tim and his team are a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of fitness, training & nutrition. They are so encouraging & positive. I highly recommend Box 33 to help you regain your health & fitness through their unique, challenging & different training programs that are tailored to your needs & abilities.


* Disclaimer: Results will vary from person to person based on starting health, tolerance under workload, and motivation to train.