Success Stories


After speaking with Adaptive Strength I knew that Adaptive Strength was the gym for me. My wife and I signed up straight away and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. I’ve lost 14kgs in 12 weeks and I have made a massive improvement on my fitness and strength.*

I had changed my role at work which meant being more office bound, resulting in a 15kg weight gain! I felt awful and I knew I needed to change. I have a young family and I was always tired and grumpy, and just couldn’t be bothered doing anything. I decided to do something about it, so I searched online for gyms, clubs, and boot camps, and I came across Adaptive Strength. The Adaptive Strength environment is fun, and everyone is encouraging and supportive. If improving fitness, strength, energy and losing weight is what people are looking for then Adaptive Strength is the only place that can promise those results. Put in the effort and results come. You won’t feel good, you’ll feel awesome! I’m excited about the next 12 months of training, and reaching my new goals.