Success Stories


I used to think personal training was for unmotivated people or those with plenty of money. Since joining Adaptive Strength my opinion has changed greatly. If you want to understand the bigger picture of health, fitness and mobility then Adaptive Strength could really benefit you.

I wanted to get better at my stand up paddling, and be fitter all round. Adaptive Strength has definitely helped me get closer to my overall goal. Currently, the trainers are helping me with my upcoming challenge of competing in a 43km stand up paddleboard ocean race in Hawaii this July. I never used to think about mobility but now I can physically see and feel the difference. Also, learning about nutrition has been a whole new aspect which helps me both at the gym and in day to day living. Plus, it’s great to go to a gym which gets back to basics! No mirrors and machines! The trainers have a great knowledge of different types of strength training and mobility, and an awareness of individual requirements. I have been really impressed with how my work outs have been tailor made for me, with my trainer researching what stand up paddling technique is all about and how best to train for it. This combined with the nutritional advice has been a whole new level of learning for me.