Advanced Kettlebell Training

WARNING: This is not for everyone… You have to earn the right!

If you cannot already press a 24kg bell comfortably, double front squat a pair of 24’s and snatch the 24kg 100 times in 5 minutes you have not earnt the right for this advanced kettlebell training.

If you can do the above and are prepared to prove it, then please keep reading.

What Is Advanced Kettlebell Training?

You will already know who and what is StrongFirst. Our Advanced Kettlebell Training is heavily based on StrongFirst principles. StrongFirst is the gold Standard for Kettlebell Training and Box33 is the Gold Standard in Australia, being the ONLY StrongFirst affiliated gym in Australia.

This is not your typical training. This is the real-deal. You will learn several advanced Double Kettlebell exercises as well as lots complexes. You will learn how to break down each movement and apply appropriate regressions and progressions. On top of this you will learn cutting edge program design, because the rules change when training with two bells.

All of this is taught 1 on 1 training with the best StrongFirst Instructors in Australia.

Why should you do Advanced Kettlebell Training?

The simple answer is, why shouldn’t you want to do this.

Here are some of the reasons people choose to train at Box33 doing this Advanced Kettlebell Training:

  • To become part of the elite within the Kettlebell community. You will be strong and have the “bells” to show it.
  • Preparation for SFGII Certification
  • Already mastered the basic exercises and are hungry for more
  • A great way to test yourself both physically and mentally.
  • You’re a hardcore kettlebell trainee - who has a passion for kettlebells, loves seeing the results they get from using them and just want more.
  • You are a Kettlebell Instructor who trains other in kettlebell and wants to further your knowledge with solid teachings to help you clients achieve outstanding results in strength and fitness.
  • You’re a student of kettlebell training who simply just wants to get in the best shape of your life and feel great being leaner and stronger.

What are some of the Kettlebell Exercise You Will Learn?

Double the fun, double the pain, double the bells.

Below is a short list of only a few of the things you will learn. To find out everything that is included you need to show us you have earnt the right to this Advance Kettlebell Training

  • Press the beast! Box33 is the home of a Beast Tamer!
  • Double Push Press
  • Double Jerk
  • Double Snatch
  • Windmill
  • Bent press

Are you ready to become part of the elite?

What YOU Need To Do Right Now

If you believe you are ready

Contact us today requesting a testing session to prove
You Have Earnt The Right

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