Box33 Movement, Strength & Recovery Model

We had a choice…

build upon what other gyms and personal trainers are doing, or…

we could innovate and create a new model of health and fitness for our clients…

we were not happy with the status quo, the conventional thought process.

So, we had to step back and ask ourselves... what do we need to do… what do we need to know… what do we need to change… in order to get consistent and better results for our clients.

We took a step back from the conventional think and we replaced it with what we called the “Movement, Strength and Recovery Model”.

This has allowed us to develop strategies with the best techniques available. Have the best environment available in order to enhance the outcome for our clients.

The Box33 Movement, Strength and Recovery Model is built upon foundational science, application of theory as well as skill, creativity and innovation.

The primary focus of Box33 is to teach strategies and techniques that can be utilized to improve movement, strength and recovery for our clients.

Movement is enhanced by the application systems such as the Functional Movements System (FMS) and Ground Force Method

Strength is gained by kettlebell training and the StrongFirst system.

Recovery is optimised by good nutritional advice, manual therapy, self myofascial release and stretching.

The Crew

  • Kurt Edmonds
    Director / Coach
    Kurt believes in a science based approach to training. If you where to ask Kurt what is true health and fitness, he would say "it is about how you feel, how you move and how much you enjoy life. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by participating in Personal Training with an experienced trainer. You only get one body for life, so staying fit and healthy is a journey, you need to be in it for the long game, train consistently in a safe and friendly environment, free from injury, but most importantly enjoy what you do and feel proud of yourself".
    Kurt has a strong interested in the human body and physiology having owned and operated a successful massage business between 2009-2013. Kurt was well respected in the massage industry and was asked to be a reviewer for the "Textbook of Remedial Massage" which is used by most colleges and institutions throughout Australia.
    It is because of Kurt's science mindset that drew him to Box 33, where the focus is on integrating strength with movement, with a systematic and safe approach, so the client not only gets stronger but also moves better.
    He knows what it is like to come back to training after injury or surgery, having received 2 operations on his left thigh just above his knee to remove a benign tumour. So when you train with Kurt, one thing that is very evident is his empathy.
    Kurt loves seeing his client achieve more than they thought was possible.
    Current Qualifications:
    • Cert III & IV in Fitness
    • StrongFirst SFGI
    • Gray Institute - Certification in Applied Functional Science
    • Gray Institute - 3D MAPS, Movements Analysis and Performance System
  • Samuel Cassells
    Exercise Physiologist

    Sam is an exercise physiologist and strength coach. He has an enormous passion for fitness, rehabilitation and optimizing human performance. To him performance means getting the most out of your body whether that’s daily tasks such as lifting your child or out on the field of play. Everything the body does is performance.

    This passion led him to complete 4 years of university studies in Exercise Rehabilitation and he continues reading and applying everything he can get his hands on to this day to help people get strong.

    Previous to working full time with the Box 33 team, Sam worked as part of an allied health multi-disciplinary team with Physiotherapist’s, Chiropractors and Remedial Massage Therapists. This has helped developed a special talent for helping individuals in the strength and fitness world who may have a history of pain or injuries but still want to get super strong, lose weight and get in shape.

    Sam specialises in helping people overcome obstacles and achieve their fitness pain free. He loves helping his clients return to full function by improving strength to keep them injury free and assist them through everyday life. Sam loves working with regular people looking to enjoy their fitness pain free.

    Current Qualifications:

    • Accredited Exercise Physiologist (ESSA)
    • Post-graduate diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation (UWA)
    • Bachelor of Science degree- majoring in Sport Science and Exercise Health (UWA)
    • StrongFirst SFGI
    • StrongFirst SFGII
    • StrongFirst SFL
    • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1
    • Selective Function Movement Assessment (SFMA) Level 1 & 2
    • Precision Nutrition Level 1
    • Ground Force Method Level 1 & 2
    • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA)
    • Mental Health First Aid
    • First Aid & CPR
    • Working with children check
  • Debbi Biggs

    Debbi became a personal trainer because she really want to help people become the best version of themselves.

    Debbi has a background in nursing and with nearly 20 years working in the health industry. Her experience and knowledge of how the body works in health and in illness makes her skills stand out when helping her clients achieve their goals.

    Her decision to become a PT was later in life, as she was ready for a career change, but I still wanted to help people and use my caring skills.
    She found a passion for fitness in herself and wanted to spread the fitness joy with other.

    Debbi is well practiced at collaborating with other allied health professionals so should you have an injury or illness she will be happy to liaise with other professionals to ensure you get a safe and effective rehabilitation plan.

    If you have an interest in Ground Force Method, Acroyoga, Calisthenics or Animal flow, Debbi is the coach for you!

    Current Qualifications:
    • 1st Class BSc (hons) Nursing
    • PGDip (MSc level) Strategic leadership and expert practice/advanced practitioner
    • Cert IV Master Trainer
    • StrongFirst SFGI
    • StrongFirst SFL
    • Ground Force Method Level 1 & 2
  • Devi Ulloa
    Remedial Massage Therapist

    Devi is a highly experienced massage therapist who enjoys working closely with you to tailor treatment plans to your individual needs and health goals.

    Providing Remedial & Therapeutic massage is her thing and she loves getting results. Whether it be to relax and unwind or to regain movement and decrease pain. She genuinely cares and believes that everyone needs time out.

    Devi has a keen interest in providing strong deep tissue massage to highly active and hard working clients. The treatments helped with pain reduction, reduced stiffness and aches, and increased range of movement – supporting clients to relax, recover and perform at their optimal ability.

    But also enjoys delivering a soothing relaxation massage, for those clients who just need quality time out.

    Book a treatment with Devi today.

  • Travis Goh
    Remedial Massage Therapist / Coach

    Travis is the best of both worlds. Coming from a background in Exercise Science and Rehab coupled with the hands on skills of Remedial Massage.

    He is passionate about delivering therapeutic treatments and providing functional education around injury recovery. He uses a gentle approach to reduce clients pain and discomfort, always interested in the causes of their condition.

    Travis is also a big advocate for self-care and encourages self-myofascial release, educating clients on foam rolling and corrective exercises to help manage their symptoms between consults.

    He is passionate about the benefits of corrective exercises and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in between treatments.

    Whether you have a sports injury, a hectic lifestyle, or you simply recognise that time out is important. Travis will listen to your concerns and recommend a customised treatment plan.

    He has the unique ability to deliver a firm, remedial treatment, whilst relaxing at the same time. Offering each client a full therapeutic experience.

    Book a treatment with Travis today.

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