Tim Almond
Director/ Exercise Therapist

Tim Almond is the Director and Exercise Therapist at Box 33 and is a highly qualified Strength & Movement educator.

Tim spent 13 years serving in the military, both Army and Navy, with operational experience as a member of the Royal Australian Navy’s elite Clearance Diving Unit.

After discovering his passion for health and fitness during his military career, Tim opened Box 33 in 2012 and has since helped hundreds of West Australian's achieve health and fitness success.

Tim spends much of his time working with the Box 33 trainers to help elevate their skills to the necessary levels required to achieve the best results in the safest time frames possible.

Tim’s current qualifications include:

  • StrongFirst Senior SFG (2017)
  • StrongFirst Team Leader (2015)
  • StrongFirst SFGII (2014)
  • StrongFirst Lifter (SFL) Certified Barbell Instructor (2014)
  • StrongFirst Bodyweight Certified Instructor (2015)
  • StrongFirst Strong Endurance
  • Yoga Pranala-  Intuitive Flow
  • TACFIT Level 1 Field Instructor
  • Z-Health Movement Reeducation Specialist (R-Phase)
  • Z-Health Movement Integration Specialist (I-Phase)
  • Z-Health Exercise Therapy Specialist (T-Phase)
  • Z-Health Movement Performance Specialist (S-Phase)
  • Functional Movement Specialist Level 1 and 2
  • Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach, Level 1
  • Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach, Level 2
  • NCAS Level 1 Powerlifting Coach
  • Russian Kettlebell Cerified Instructor (RKC)
  • Australian Kettlebells Level 2 Instructor
  • Gym Jones Fundamentals
  • Ground Force Method Levels 1 and 2 Instructor
  • Ground Force Method Kids Instructor
  • Chek Exercise Coach
  • Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
  • Chek Advanced Program Design
  • Primal Move Velocity
  • Primal Move Regeneration.
  • Crankit Advanced Suspension Trainer
  • Combat Fitness Leader - Navy
  • Sub-Unit Physical Training Instructor - Army
  • TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Cert III & IV in Personal Training and Fitness Instruction
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Working with Children Check

Adding to these skills is an innate ability to patiently communicate and pass on knowledge in a no compromise manner that exemplifies his passion, dedication and professionalism.

The Crew

  • Nevio Roselli
    Studio Manager

    Nevio has been interested in the fitness and sports industry since his early high school years in Naples, Italy.

    Since that time, he has trained at competitive level in athletics as a 200m and 400m runner. He competed at a national level at the University Sport Centre of Naples, while also coaching the junior team. He has also studied advanced strength and conditioning at the La Havana Olympic Centre, sharing experiences with Olympic athletes and coaches alike.

    Nevio is incredibly passionate about all things strength training, and has made it his mission to understand the various methodologies out there to get the best results for his clients. He represents the Australian chapter of the International Strength and Conditioning Institute.

    Current Qualifications:

    • Certified by the International Sport Science Association (ISSA)
    • StrongFirst Certified Instructor Level 1 (SFG I)
    • StrongFirst Lifter (SFL) Certified Barbell Instructor
  • Samuel Cassells
    Exercise Physiologist

    Sam has grown up with a passion for health and fitness having been involved in all things sport since an early age. After completing 4 years of university studies in exercise rehabilitation and becoming an accredited exercise physiologist, Sam then pursued a 6 month competency based internship with Box 33 under the direction of director Tim Almond, learning and being coached in the specialised methodology that Box 33 provides to its clients.

    Sam loves seeing results in his clients and uses evidence based exercise and lifestyle interventions so that his clients achieve their personal goals. He also has an extensive history of playing competitive football and enjoys surfing in his spare time.

    Current Qualifications:

    • Accredited Exercise Physiologist (ESSA)
    • Post-graduate diploma in exercise rehabilitation (UWA)
    • Bachelor of Science degree- majoring in sport science and exercise Health (UWA)
    • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA)
    • Mental Health First Aid
    • First Aid & CPR
    • Working with children check
  • Female Personal Trainer
    • info@box33.com.au
    • (08) 9468 8037
    Karen Searle
    Senior Trainer

    Karen had a passion for kettlebells and was eager to learn how to train with them using the correct technique. She completed the Box 33 Beginner Kettlebell Workshop in May 2014, and the Advanced Kettlebell Workshop in September 2014, both under the expert instruction of Box 33 Director, Tim Almond.  In July 2014 Karen decided that she wanted to take her training even further, and commenced an intensive training program to prepare her for the SFG Level I Kettlebell Instructor Certification in November 2014, which she completed successfully. Karen continually maintains and progresses with her fitness discipline; participating in the bi-annual Tactical Strength Challenges, and completing both the SFG Bodyweight Instructor and SFG Level II Kettlebell Instructor Certification in 2015.

    Karen underwent a 6-month competency based internship with Box 33, under the direction of Tim Almond, learning and being coached in the specialised methodology that Box 33 offers to its clients.

    As a Personal Trainer, Karen enjoys getting the best out of her clients, and finds it rewarding to see them achieve goals they never thought possible.  Karen assigns programs specifically designed for her clients needs, whether it be for a certification, weight loss, strength or all over fitness.

    Karen’s current qualifications include:

    • StrongFirst Girevik Certified Instructor Level 2 (SFG II)
    • StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor (SFB)
    • Z-Health Movement Re-education Specialist (R-Phase)
    • Crankit Advanced Suspension Trainer
    • Cert III & IV in Personal Training and Fitness Instruction

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