Stop procrastinating and become the best YOU!

Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) Personal Trainers can help you get back on track.

Have you been delaying your fitness regime?

Most of us are procrastinators and will put off training, exercise or health plans for as long as possible, especially when what needs to be done requires lifestyle changes. Take for example the need to exercise more.

Australia has a nation of people signing up at local gym’s and health clubs, buying all the expensive equipment and training clothes, only to drive around the parking lot looking for a spot closer to the shop entrance so we don’t have to walk a distance. Now, we all know this is a true statement, and are either guilty of doing this, or we have witnessed other shoppers driving around waiting for that closer spot to become available.

Obtaining the services of a Personal Fitness Trainer is one way that seems to work.

Make Yourself A Priority And Take Time Out To Care For Yourself.

A qualified nutritionist or a personal trainer that has completed a certification in Precision Nutrition will create an exercise and health plan that is carefully monitored for progress.

The potential for success of the exercise and health plan is increased when we have someone holding us accountable.

Speaking of success, we should practice what we preach and enforce the same healthy lifestyle changes on the rest of the family. Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood. As once quoted “misery loves company”.

On a more serious level, below are some ideas that can help us all (including family members) get back into some form of shape other than “round”.

1) Explain the difference between healthy and not so healthy food choices but DO NOT NAG. A healthy diet does not need to be hard work. The idea is to make better choices most of the time, not to be perfect!

2) Prepare a wide variety of healthy homemade meals. Quit calling the burger and pizza takeaways, dinner. One of the biggest problems with our diets is that we consume too much of the wrong kind of foods. These wrong kinds of foods, in most cases are made and sold by corporations looking for profits, not healthy customers.

3) Food should never be used as a reward. If a particular unhealthy food is part of some outing, (fairy floss at the Royal Show) start to change the behaviour by having other alternatives available such as a healthy snack. Chips, lollies and sugary drinks are high in sugar and fat with empty calories, prepare and take your own healthy snacks to munch on.

4) Don’t always rely on your car. If you can walk to do your errand, then do so. Don’t just jump into the car to go a few blocks.

Finding an experienced Personal Fitness Trainer, who is not interested in changing your world overnight, is the first step towards true success. The best personal trainers see your progress and work with you towards turning those little successes into major lifestyle changes. You can achieve that “Sustainable Body Transformation” NOW with the help of one of our competent and qualified Personal Fitness Trainers here at Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33).


I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.