Massage for Lower Back Pain

Let Our “Hands-On” Approach
Free You From The Misery Of Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain… it’s a problem that affects as many as 85% of all men and women in the world’s developed countries… a full 15% of Australian adults, as well. And while Lower Back Pain is not life-threatening, it is debilitating and can impact a person’s quality of life.

Most often, sufferers experience a dull pain or tightness in the lower back that saps energy and makes it difficult to accomplish even simple chores. It’s not fun, of course, not pleasant and, if you currently have this problem, you know it’s not easy to overcome.

In fact, if you’ve been living with Lower Back Pain, you probably have more bad days than good days. And it’s possible that your job contributes to the condition, a fact which may make it even more difficult to eliminate.

For example: if you engage daily in physical labor and find yourself doing heavy lifting… or if you are involved in office work and sit at a desk all day, frequently leaning forward, it is likely that the work you do contributes to the Lower Back Pain that troubles you. Here’s good news…

You don’t have to live with the permanent discomfort of Lower Back Pain. Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) Massage Therapy Recovery Room can help you feel better than you have in a long time… because we can ease the discomfort you currently feel, and in most cases even eliminate it completely.

It’s true. Come in for an initial visit and consultation. We’ll asses your problem… and offer a Massage Treatment Plan that will decrease your pain… dramatically reduce your dependence on pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs and improve your quality of life. Yes… we can do that for you!

“Finally a MASSAGE Clinic that offers the people of Myaree a real solution to muscle pain!”


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