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An insider reveals the secrets used at Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) to create energy for the things that you love and how to feel years younger.

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Read on below to find out exactly what secrets are used at Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) that can have you enjoying the best that life has to offer.

But first ask yourself…

Do you wake up in the morning feeling tired and lethargic?
Do you wish you had the energy to run around with your kids?
Do you feel stiff and have aching bones?
Do you struggle walking up a flight of stairs?
Do you wish you had more strength and stamina to last through the day?

If you answered yes to any 1 of those 5 questions then this might be the best secret you read with regards to exercise and fitness.

If these secrets are applied, it can be life changing.

It helps to first understand the cause of the problem. So, what exactly is the problem? Generally it is inactivity.

Numerous studies have shown it only takes days to weeks of inactivity to start losing your strength, flexibility and balance.

And once this happens you are at risk of beginning the dreaded downward spiral.

Downward Spiral? What Is That?

I will give you a few examples below.

Scenario 1)
The sun is out, the weather is beautiful so you decide to go to the park and play with your kids. You run around and next things you feel a pain in your groin. You don’t want to let the kids down so you keep playing.

Scenario 2)
The sun is out, the weather is beautiful you don’t have any kids, so you decide to hit the beach with your mates. You have fun in the sand and surf until you start feeling a niggle in your upper back. You are having fun and don’t want to let your friends down so you keep playing.

Regardless if scenario 1 or 2, what happens next is the same.

You wake up the next day and can hardly move. You are in pain. So you think to yourself the best course of action is to rest. So you rest 1 or 2 weeks until the pain goes away. But during this time, you have lost a little more strength and mobility leaving you more prone to injury again in the future.

And the spiral continues injury, rest, loss of strength and mobility, injury, rest, loss of strength and mobility etc

So we know that inactivity is the cause.

So What Is The Solution?

How do you break the downward spiral?

Where do you begin?

You begin with the secret Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) Movement, Strength & Recovery Method.

The Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) Movement, Strength & Recovery Method can have you enjoying the best that life has to offer and break that downward spiral.

This unique and individualised exercise program will have you feeling great and youthful once again!

Here is why the Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) Movement, Strength & Recovery Method is an envied secret within the fitness industry…
– You will undergo a thorough assessment process. Your current health and history are taken into account. As well as lifestyle factors.
– You will do a movement screen to discover how well your body is moving.
– You will learn the exact steps needed to embark on an exercise plan
– You will discover the pillars to great exercise
– You will learn ways to stay active and keep things fresh and full of variety
– You will learn not only what to do, but why and how to do the exercises.
– You will discover the best ways to recover.
– You will quickly discover why lift weights can help lose weight faster.
– You will learn the most natural way to train using primal movements.
– You will discover how to improve mobility and help make your body resilient.
– You will get support and guidance from industry leading fitness coaches

Don’t let this secret pass you by.

It could be the greatest discovery you ever make.

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I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.