Kettlebell Complexes for fat loss, strength and conditioning

.A kettlebell complex, put simply is a strength builder, muscle maker and body fat reducer…. all in one

Complexes are a form of metabolic conditioning aimed at taxing various muscle groups and energy systems simultaneously.  The best part is you can have a great full body workout in as little as 5 to 15mins.

Complexes look simple on paper but can be some of the hardest session’s you can do. It is fierce, cruel and effective.

While there is a lot of love out there in the world for “metabolic conditioning” Complexes are not designed to be used everyday. In this instance less is more. For optimal results that is 1-2 times per week.

Combine kettlebell complexes 1-2 times a week with plenty of longer duration walking most days of the week and you will be a long way towards your body composition goals.

I want you to challenge yourself but remain successful at all times. Put the bells down the moment your form starts to falter. We don’t tolerate sloppy reps and you shouldn’t either. make your last rep as clean, crisp and fluid as your first.

Before incorporating kettlebell complexes into your training program take the time to build your fundamental skill with a kettlebell (swing, squat, clean, press, snatch and Turkish get up) before attempting complexes. You have to earn the right for complexes and you will experience many more benefits from them once you have a good grounding and strength base with the fundamentals.

Here is an example of a classic kettlebell complex:  Called “Armour Builder”

This complex is notorious for any student who has completed the physically and mentally 3 day strong first level 1 SFG certification something all our coaches have completed. On the last day when testing is completed which includes technical efficiency in the Kettlebell swing, clean, squat, press as well as  the dreaded 5 min kettlebell snatch test. Once the dust settles it’s announced that we get to complete the Graduation Workout- “Armour Builder”:

Armour Builder:

As many Quality rounds as possible in 15-20mins of:

-2 Cleans

-1 Military Press

-3 Front Squats

Armour builder is but one of the many millions of combinations you could dream up. With just 1 or 2 bells and 3-5 exercises there is literally endless possibilities of different kettlebell complexes you could do. First get a good grounding in the fundamentals then dive into the world of kettlebell complexes if you dare!

No matter what your goals are- strength, mass, conditioning or cuts kettlebell complexes deliver.


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