Finding the 90%

I want you to meet Joe. Joe’s Doctor has been nagging him to get into some exercise to help lower his blood pressure and he also has some personal goals that we see every day in the studio. He would like to get stronger, lose some weight and get back into living an active lifestyle. You see Joe just wants to live a healthy quality life. These are some great goals and something I’m sure we can all relate too but there is then one major problem Joe faces that we often see.

This problem is called “choice paralysis”. There are so many options to choose from it becomes so hard to make a call and stick to it.

The choices are confusing from intermitted fasting to the carnivore diet, strength vs cardio, going paleo, taking supplements, doing HIIT or eating less gluten. This list could go on and on. All these things are what I call the final 10%. After thinking about his options Joe was left wondering if he really has what it takes, filled with self doubt and intimated at the thought of joining a gym he puts his goals on hold indefinitely until he has the “time” and mental energy to commit to something.

Why invest so much energy and thought into the little things that get’s us so little value in return. It takes way less effort to get the 90% right and then you can fine tune what really suits you and change it when you need too.

Here’s how to clear the clutter and 5 things to focus on:

  1. Eat a variety of fresh food
  2. Exercise (literally anything you enjoy or that makes you get a little puff and sweat)
  3. Sleep consistently (between seven and nine hours)
  4. Engage with good friends. Connection and love are critical to health
  5. Find purpose. Something you can impact. Something you can contribute to.

This is just another reminder about the importance of getting the fundamentals right before stressing the little things. If you want to live an active healthy lifestyle for years to come start here. Sometimes we think to much and confuse things more then needed. Fast forward a few months and there’s no doubt that Joe is seeing the results he is after as he has started focusing on the big ticket items to achieve optimal health


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I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.