Eat and Train

I hear this all the time… I need to lose weight, I need to diet and exercise.

When you read the words ‘diet and exercise’ how does that make your feel?

To me, it sounds so negative. It sounds like a chore. It sounds depressing.

How can dieting and exercising be good for your mental health, let alone your physical health?

Do you know one of the biggest problems I see when people go down the path of dieting ad exercise… it is rebound! At first they lose the weight, they have the disciple and will power.

But, this fades as they feel they are missing out and sacrificing so much. They start hating and resenting the diet and exercise especially if the results are not happening as quickly as they hoped for.

The sad truth is they have set themselves up for failure from the beginning.

So what is the solution?

Take a moment and think of your favourite athlete. Think of both a male and female athlete. Do they have a body you can aspire for?

Do you think they ‘diet and exercise’ to get a body like that?


They eat and train!

They eat foods that are nutritious and help their performance. Not just physical performance but mental performance. The right foods help with mental clarity and focus.

If you had more mental clarity and focus, how would your day be? No more after lunch slumps, no more needing a coffee to pick you up.

And how about approaching exercise as a training session.

Doesn’t it sound so much better, that you are going to go do a training session rather than just exercise. Don’t you feel more excited about it, more motivated, more energetic to get there and do it?

The great thing about training, is your practicing a skill. You’re practicing to get better. The skill maybe doing a particular lift like a deadlift or simply training to run more efficiently, effective and faster.

Whatever your goal… weight loss, getting stronger, getting fitter… training so much more fun. Because each session you working on ‘getting a little better’.

Notice how ‘getting a little better’ is so much more positive. How this positive thinking can have a positive impact on the results you receive.

Athletes have great bodies and fitness. So you if you want this too, then follow what they do.

Eat and Train.

At Adaptive Strength this is what we teach. Our clients are happy and get great results. But best of all, the results are sustainable!

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