Do You Really Need Massage Therapy?

If You Suffer From Any Of The Problems Listed Below

The Answer Is YES!

Many men & women live incredibly hectic lives filled with job-related and family responsibilities that leave them little time to just relax and unwind. Perhaps that describes you. If so, you need time away from the stress and tension that are a part of your daily life. And that means you can use an afternoon of pampering… the kind you will get with Massage Therapy. It’s a fact…

Massage Therapy provides almost instant relief for men and women, who suffer from stress and tension or are plagued by any one of the following physical or emotionally-related problems that cause daily discomfort and negatively impact their lives.

The truth is, Massage Therapy offers a wonderful solution to you for any of the following conditions…

  • If you are a busy, stressed mom or dad
  • If you are an office worker with a sore upper back and neck, the result of sitting in one position for hours every day
  • If you are a shop worker who spends all day – every day – on your feet so that your lower back and legs are sore and you are in pain
  • If you are experiencing the mood swings and emotional “ups and downs”
  • If you play sport and have constant niggles and muscle pain
  • If you are so stiff it feels like you need to get some “oil” in your joints so you can move freely
  • If you need to “escape” from life’s daily pressures … and relax, really relax
  • If you’re a woman who needs to be pampered… even if it’s just for one “delicious” and memorable hour each time you visit
  • If you’re a little older – even middle aged – and suffering from “one thousand little aches and pains”
  • If you’re an older female or gentleman who loves to tend to her garden, but hates the lower back problem it causes
  • If your day job – as a school teacher dealing with unruly youngsters – has you in desperate need of an “escape”
  • If you’re tired of “massages that are more painful than pleasurable”
  • If you sleep fitfully and unevenly and wake up tired each morning
  • If you’re always tired and fatigued
  • If you like the idea of getting a “break from your normal daily routine,” one that leaves you feeling refreshed… relaxed… rejuvenated… and revitalized
  • If YOU want to be the center of the universe… even for a short time
  • If “feeling great” is a worthwhile goal

There are many other conditions that make you a prime candidate for high quality Massage Therapy, the kind of superior treatment you can expect to receive here at Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) Massage Therapy Recovery Room.

If your condition is listed above, or even if it’s not there, but the idea of a professional massage appeals to you, book a massage today.

We want to help you feel better, can help you feel better – will help you feel better – once you “set the wheels in motion.” Don’t waste another minute. Book your massage right now!

“Finally a MASSAGE Clinic that offers the people of Myaree a real solution to muscle pain!”


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