Choosing The Right Kettlebell Size

So, you’ve figured out that the kettlebell is the ultimate tool for training at home but you’re not sure what size is right for you?

Well the answer is “it depends” as there are so many variables specific to you it can be hard to make blanket recommendations. It all depends on your experience, current fitness and strength levels plus many more factors. However below are some general guidelines to help point you in the right direction.

Average Strength Lady8, 12, 16kg
Strong Lady12, 16, 20kg
Average Strength Man16, 24kg
Strong Man24kg, 32kg

While you should challenge yourself it would be better to get proficient with a lighter bell than trying to muscle a weight that’s too heavy and ingrain faulty technique.

Three things to keep in mind when choosing your starting kettlebell
1. It’s always better to start lighter than heavier. You will build up the weight as your skills progress.
2. Try your best to remove ego from the process of choosing your starting weight. Progress will often come faster in the long run when you start with a lighter weight.
3. The weights you can use with barbells and dumbbells don’t always carry straight over to the kettlebell.

Congratulations on making the decision to invest in your health and fitness of which you will make a life long companion in the kettlebell. If you have any questions or concerns in choosing the right kettlebell for you reach out and send us a message as we know a thing or two about kettlebells.


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