Are You Guilty Of This Too

So many of our clients say these words to us…”I knew I should have come earlier, but I’ve just been too busy.” Are you guilty of this too? Don’t worry, we’re not going to ‘go mad’ at you! 😉

The truth is, we are all guilty of this at one stage or another, that’s life! But we usually end up ‘kicking ourselves’ when we let this happen, because we often end up saying it when we’re needing treatment again as a result of ignoring our bodies warning signs.
Now we’ve had a setback and we’ve got to ‘undo’ a problem that may take a few sessions, and more importantly, we’re suffering from pain or discomfort again!

Our philosophy here at Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) Massage Recovery Room is to be proactive about health. We encourage you to follow an ongoing care plan so that when you do see us from time to time it won’t be because you’re in pain. And your treatment will be an even more pleasurable experience without any discomfort present. This care plan will also include various exercises and stretches which we will teach you to keep your body functioning well, or whatever therapy or problem we are addressing.

If you find it hard to be kind to yourself, think about being kind to your hip pocket…don’t make any time for a ‘maintenance’ treatment and implementing your ‘at home’ care plan and end up needing multiple sessions all at once and losing pay for time off work, every few months. Or, have a treatment every 4 weeks or so (whatever you and your therapist decide will be suitable for you
and your particular needs) and avoid any substantial financial loss.

We are happy to help you to commit to yourself and your good health by pre-booking appointments for you and we’ll even give you a email and SMS to remind you of your upcoming appointment if you like, so that you can make sure you’ve worked it into your schedule.
Don’t get too busy to attend to your health, because you may find that you’ll end up, still being busy, but unable to do what you have to do due to ill health and that it is even more stressful and
frustrating…which can lead to even more problems!

Of course, your health care and whether or not you follow a regular care plan is entirely up to you and we don’t consider it our place to judge anyone! We just thought it was worth mentioning because we do witness this viscous cycle all too often.
Either way, we’re here to help you take those steps to good health whenever you feel the time is right for you.

To your good health!

“Finally a MASSAGE Clinic that offers the people of Melville Area real solution to muscle pain!”


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