A bold statement about our older members

I want to make a bold statement…

“Many of our members in their 40s, 50s & 60s have a fitness levels well above that of much younger people!”

I want to point out though… that many of our older members did not start out like this. Many started from a low baseline – physically inactive for years, overweight, limited mobility and in many cases pain.

For anyone out there who is not as fit as you would like to be or could be, regardless of what decade of your life you are in – 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s – you have the potential to make positive gains in both fitness and health.

An untrained individual can begin training and within a couple of years reach an intermediate level that I was talking about above in my bold statement.

An intermediate 60 year old has about the same fitness as an average physically active 30 year old and a much better level of fitness than an inactive 30 year old.

Age is not a reason to give up on fitness or sports performance. And age should never be an excuse. You are never too old.

There are so many of our older men and women doing very impressive things.

We have a saying here at Adaptive Strength – “Ordinary people are doing Extraordinary things with us!”

If you’re an ordinary person and have not trained in a while, then now is your time to start.

The longer you wait to start training, the less likely it is you will reach your genetic potential, but fitness can be improved at any age. All you need to do is to commit to getting off the couch and to the gym—frequently and regularly.

But to get the biggest bang for your buck, you need to train smart. You need to take into account of your current level and ability and then slowly progress to improve your capacity. Most importantly you have to ensure you do this safely without getting injured or pain.

You need a training program that is intelligently designed and individualised for you that is universally scalable. It can be scaled up and down depending on how you are progressing and how you are feeling.

I have often heard from people “I am healthy, I am not sick, I don’t need to go to the gym”

Let’s take a moment to think about quality of life. Being healthy is great, but if your definition of being healthy is just not being sick, then this is not so great. If you are lacking strength, endurance, mobility, agility, balance and coordination, this can be just as problematic as being ill.

As an owner of Adaptive Strength I want to see all my members – regardless of age – to grow in function
inside the gym and out. I want to see my members striving for higher levels of fitness, so they can improve their abilities not only in the gym but also at work, home and play. This includes pain-free activity. To me this is living!!!

This really is what makes the Adaptive Strength – Movement, Strength & Recovery Model so special.

Getting fit is as close to a fountain of youth as we can get.

If you are an ordinary person and want to get started and do some extraordinary things with us, please contact us for a free consultation so we can show you firsthand how we achieve this.

Life is better when you are strong and pain free!


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I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.