Feeling like you will never win the weight loss game?

Losing weight is very easy to say and sounds so simple to do, but in reality it is a long lonely journey which can sometimes cause conflict with your confidence, life and relationships.

You may have tried to lose weight before, you may have followed different diets. But nothing seemed to work for you. Despite how hard you tried, there were so many obstacles in front of you and you felt like you failed AGAIN...

If you’re sitting on the fence, give it a go

Lost 13kg in 24 weeks! I was unhappy and struggled with my weight and the way I looked since puberty. After spending 18 months on Duromine (a prescription weight loss drug) I actually gained a large amount of weight! Now, I am lifting heavy, feeling coordinated, and my confidence and self-esteem has returned.


You Are Not Alone...
The Coaches At Box33 Will Help Guide & Support You Through The Whole Weight Loss Journey!

Well, all that’s about to change because we the team at Box33 are here to help. Our professional coaches will make sure your disappointment and demotivation turns into inspiration and extraordinary weight loss!

At Box33, we understand that the road to weight loss is full of obstacles. But at the same time, we know just how important it is to you. That's why Box33 offers face-to-face personal training to turn your life around.

Set a goal in your mind and explain it to us. Box33 coaches will create a roadmap for you to achieve your fitness goals step by step.

My wife has never seen me look this good

I have gone from 26 % body fat to 15% and have gained a fair amount of muscle density. Overall, I want to emphasize the fact I am fitter and stronger than when I was in my 20's.


A Training Program that Supports YOU

Box 33’s experienced coaches will love to be a part of your experience in this life-changing weight loss mission. We will be right here to guide you, support you, encourage you, and cheer you on!

We don't know how many times you have attempted to lose weight before. This could be your first attempt or it could be your 10th attempt... But this time, do not let anyone or anything stop you. Because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! and the BOX33 COACHES KNOW IT!!!

I had never been in to health and fitness before and was sceptical…

Box 33 has a welcoming environment, Tim Almond, his trainers and the other gym members are all very friendly and are happy to offer assistance, pass on advice and encouragement. Weight loss 10kgs, which exceeded my own expectations! My body is a lot more toned, I have increased muscle, and gained flexibility and core strength.


Now's Your Moment, Don't Hesitate

If you are currently frustrated, not enjoying your life or maybe you have lost your self confidence, it means you are not your authentic self YET!!! But you will be...

It is time for you to take your first step. And best of all, we would love to be with you for every moment of your amazing life changing journey, all while having a great time in the process!

I Feel And Look Better Now At 34 Than I Did In My Twenties.

One great thing about my experience at Box33 is the confidence boost it has given me. Feeling stronger does wonders to your self-esteem, and of course as you get fitter you start to really love how your body looks.
I can honestly say that I feel and look better now at 34 than I did in my twenties.

A. Bedoya, Perth, W.A

What YOU Need To Do Right Now

Come and visit Box33, your partner in Weight Loss! You are just one step away from starting your weight-loss mission and proving to yourself that YOU’RE WORTH IT!

Call or message Box 33 right now and get a FREE consultation today from our professional coaches.

Let’s come together to rediscover the healthier, happier, REAL you!


If you’re still on the fence about contacting us for you free, no-obligation personal consultation... See what other strong and successful individuals who were once just like you have said about Box33:


Put So Much MUSCLE On At My Age In Such A Short Time

To put so much muscle on at my age in such a short time (5kg in 3 months – At 39 year old) is quite unusual and I think that it reflects that having an outside expert manage and advise on my training was a great investment.

Don’t procrastinate and there’s no need to look any further. Reach out to the team there and let them know what you are looking to achieve and be honest. You truly will not be disappointed.

I came across their site a couple of years ago and it took me until this year to start training there. I regret not having been in touch sooner.

Ian Hyde, Perth, W.A.

You Won't Feel Good, You'll Feel Awesome!

I have made a massive improvement on my fitness and strength
If improving fitness, strength, energy and losing weight is what people are looking for then Box 33 is the only place that can promise those results.

You won't feel good, you'll feel awesome!

Jay, Perth, W.A.

Once You Start Training At Box33 You Will Be Hooked!

I am lifting heavy, feeling coordinated, and my confidence and self-esteem has returned.
If you’re sitting on the fence, give it a go. You have nothing to lose by trying it out. Once you start training at Box 33 you will be hooked!

Natalie, Perth, W.A.

(I) Feel My Body Becoming Stronger Every Week

I look forward to training and can feel my body becoming stronger every week.
I’ve noticed changes in all aspects of my life, from better quality sleep to improved mood and reduced anxiety.
I feel good! Confident and pain free.

Antoni Daniel, Perth, W.A.

I urge you to reserve your 100% FREE

no-obligation Weight Loss consultation right now

You have nothing to lose…

Yet you have a stronger and fitter physique to look forward to.

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