All packages purchased and paid in full before the 17 October 2018 are not refundable by Box33 Kettlebell Academy Pty Ltd t/as Box33 Consulting. Prior to 17 October 2018 Box33 was owned by a different entity.

All packages purchased and paid in full on or after the 17 October 2018 are not refundable. The Box33 Consulting refund policy is outlined in the Welcome Letter as part of your Welcome Pack.
If you would like to see a copy of the Welcome Letter along with the term and conditions please refer back to your emails or contact admin@box33.com.au and we will supply you with a DropBox link to all your Welcome Pack documents.

All packages have an expiration date
2 Personal Training sessions a week:
10 sessions: 2 months
30 sessions: 5 months
50 sessions: 8 months
80 sessions: 12 months
100 sessions: 14 months

Package Minimum Commitment Term:
All packages are for a minimum commitment.
Our default packages are 10, 30, 50, 80 & 100 sessions.
****Please note this is not our complete list of packages displayed above.
If you are on an EziDebit recurring payment you can cancel once your Package Minimum Commitment Term has been paid for.

Lapsed Sessions due to non use:
Should you allow your sessions to lapse because you didn’t come to the gym as frequently as you planned, the following provisions apply:

If your sessions are more than two months expired, they are permanently expired.
If they are less than two months expired, you can get them credited to your account if you buy at least that many sessions on your next pack. Example: if you buy 10 sessions and you let 4 expire by accident. Since it’s a small pack, your sessions would expire 60 days from date of purchase. You realize that you can’t book your session on day 80 and you email us. You’ll need to buy at least 4 more sessions to get the 4 back. So let’s say you buy another 10 sessions, you will get a total of 14 sessions added to your account (10 + 4.)

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