Sports injury

Are you a weekend warrior or an athlete who is currently frustrated by an injury that just won’t seem to go away? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Sports injuries are very serious. After all, they hinder your overall activity and stop you from taking part in something very significant in your life. Contrary to what you might have already heard, there’s no such thing as just "waiting to see how an injury goes." Athletes need quick results, as every day of idleness that passes by is crucial.

If you’ve already rested for weeks but your problem shows no signs of recovery, there is hope if you decide to take control.

Most muscle and sports injuries can never heal properly if left alone.

Here's Who We Can Help

If you can relate to any of the cases below, then Box 33 is the right place for you to get the help you need.

  • Your sport involves running and you are suffering from an ache or severe pain in your Achilles tendon
  • You’re a runner suffering from what is known as Runners knee
  • You are suspecting that you’re suffering from shin splits, a calf strain, or an ankle strain which is unaffected by any rest you get
  • You sustained a hamstring injury a while ago and it seems fine during walking but won’t allow you to pick up the pace without getting painful
  • You constantly suffer from a stiff or painful lower back after training or playing your sport
  • You’re concerned about the long-term effects of your untreated injury and you are keen on getting the best advice possible as soon as you can
  • Your doctor has recommended rest, painkillers anti-inflammatories, which you have tried but have seen no improvement.

Have you been through any of these situations? If yes, then you don’t need to worry anymore, as the help we will offer you is unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Relieve Your Foot & Ankle Pain Now With The Help Of
Our Movement, Strength & Rehab Coaches

Our treatment program works best for you if you are serious about your health.

If you’ve had enough of the daily frustrations and restrictions of foot and ankle pain, you will be relieved and optimistic after hearing the informed and educated opinions of our Specialist Movement, Strength & Rehab Coaches.

Discover How Our Movement, Strength & Rehab Coaches Can Help You...

A good place for you to start is by talking with us on the phone and arranging a free consultation. You can book your free consultation with Box33’s Movement, Strength & Rehab Coaches to discuss how we can help you sort out the problem you have with your foot or ankle.

When you talk with our Movement, Strength & Rehab Coaches, we will cover with you the following:

  • What makes our sport injury advice so different from all the other options out there that you’ve already heard and tested out
  • How we are your best option for getting back to an active state after a long period of idleness to "heal" your injury
  • How we personalize exercises to make them perfectly tailored for you and your specific health needs, unlike other generic programs given by a physiotherapist or other exercise physiologist.
  • The importance of fixing your sports injury in order to avoid early onset arthritis or other chronic pain as a result of your body not moving as it should
  • How the services we offer at Box33 will be nothing like what you’ve experienced elsewhere
  • Why most people who start out with asceptical attitude about Exercise & Strength Therapy grow to love what we do for them and recommend us to their family and friends!

If Your Serious About Finding A Solution For Your Sports Injury... It All Starts With A Free Face-To-Face Consultation

Our Movement, Strength & Rehab Coaches are available for a free face-to-face consultation, designed for people who are health conscious, serious about their health, and dedicated to discovering what their best options are for regaining activity, health, and getting rid of their sports injury for good.

The free consultation allows you to learn everything you need to know about our treatment planand how the Movement, Strength & Rehab Coaches will be able to help you based on your specific case.

You’ll leave the consultation in certainty that we’re going to be able to help you get back to being active and pain-free like you’re hoping for.

But don’t worry, there’s absolutely no pressure. After your appointment for the free consultation, it’s absolutely your decision to continue with the program or not.

What YOU Need To Do Right Now

Please don't delay requesting your 100% free no obligation
Movement, Strength & Rehab consultation.

We'll use this consultation as an opportunity to dig into
your Sports Injury.

Simply complete this contact form and our office manager will
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