Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) Referral Reward Program

Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) REFERRAL PROGRAM

Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) are looking for people with the same initiative and drive that you have! You have made a giant stride to your long-term health by making a commitment to regular exercise and we would like the opportunity to help more people achieve their health goals.

If you know of anyone that can benefit from a regular structured exercise program, let them know about Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) and you will be rewarded!

How Does It Work & How Will You Be Rewarded?

For every person contact details you share you will automatically get 5 points. If they come in, sit down with one of our coaches for a discovery session you will get another 5 points. And when they join Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) you will receive a further 50 points. So, from one referral you can get up to 60 points.

How Can I Use My Points?

There are a few options and ways you can use your points.

  •  You can convert the points to use as credit for goods and services inside Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33). Use on massage, vivo shoes, workshops, even your membership fees.
  • You can convert the points to dollars and donate to a charity. See the list of charities Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33) supports.
  • Buy a Goat for a village in a 3rd world country.
  • Get you house cleaned. 3hr house cleaning service. All you need is 100 points.
  • Get your revenge on a coach. This is your chance to train a coach for a 30min session. With 200 points you get to select which coach you would like to train.

Charities Adaptive Strength (formerly Adaptive Strength (formerly Box33)) Supports

Cancer Council WA
• undertake and fund cancer research;
• implement programs and campaigns to prevent and control cancer; and
• provide information and support for people affected by cancer.

MSWA provides vital support and services to people living with all neurological conditions in Western Australia.

Beyond Blue
Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

World Vision Australia
World Vision Australia is focused on the sustained well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable.

How Can You Refer?

If you would like us to call anyone you know to have an informal conversation about our training then please email us their details below
and we will contact them a non-invasive manner:

Name: ___________________________________________________
Contact Number: ______________________________________

We completely understand if you would rather talk to them on our behalf.

We want to continue helping people increase their health and vitality
and we need your support.


I have developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results.