It has 1 goal…

To provide you with an unmatched opportunity of learning, training, and mentoring that transforms you from good exercise professional (Ex Phys, Personal Trainer) into an exceptional exercise professional and leader – the kind of exercise and fitness industry leader that earns respect from both client and the community alike.

Being an Exceptional Exercise Professional and Leader is more than writing programs…

Below are 11 skills that you will gain doing the Box33 Exercise Professional Internship which will differentiate you and elevate you to the status of leader in the industry.

  1. See things through a new lens. Treating causes versus symptoms.
  2. Focus on what clients “can do” rather than what they “can’t do.”
  3. Think through issues more clearly.
  4. Forge a stronger level of confidence.
  5. Get many clients out of pain by implementing strategies that address human movement.
  6. Become a better skilled professional in assessment and treatment based on their challenges and goals.
  7. Easily identify the root cause for a lot of cases, such as back pain.
  8. Truly help clients “buy-in” to training programs and treatment.
  9. How to progress “problem” clients in a positive way.
  10. Better at assessing what clients truly need.
  11. Much, much more!

If you are interested in an all-encompassing internship program from Box33, The Exercise Professional Internship is for you!
Box33 is now accepting applications from only 2 lucky participants. So be quick!

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