Holiday preparations, family visits and epic meals can make it feel impossible to avoid gaining weight over the Christmas period. This is something we see a lot of people struggle with and it’s definitely one of the most common patterns we see. They spend all year successfully getting fit and staying fit only to then get derailed by the holidays and fall off the wagon.

That’s why we created 3 simple strategies that you can do no matter where the holidays take you. Don’t underestimate the power of these 3 smart strategies and if you implement them consistently you will be a long way to maintaining your weight over the Christmas period!

Holiday Survival Tool # 1

– Eat slowly until satisfied instead of stuffed
This help’s prevent overeating as it takes 15-20min for your digestive system to let your brain know that you’re satisfied. Slowing down while you eat your meal allows that to happen before you over eat.
Eating slowly is a lot more difficult then you imagine. I suggest trying these tips to help you slow down
1) Place your utensils down between bites
2) Take a moment or a breathe between mouthfuls
3) Set a timer for at least 20-30mins for each meal

Holiday survival tool # 2

– Don’t skip workouts instead replace with short time efficient workouts
Here’s a simple workout you can do anytime anywhere which focuses on compound exercises (big muscles, big movements) which makes it effective when you want a good movement session but have limited time. You don’t need super long sessions in the gym to improve your fitness. Shorter 10 min workouts performed consistently more often then not will help you towards your goals.
Workout 1: 10 minute bodyweight do anywhere workout:
Squat x 10
Crawl x 10m up and back
Reverse Lunge x 10/10
Pushup x 5-10
Repeat for 3- 5 rounds
Don’t rest between exercises instead rest at the end of the round

Follow this link to an article of simple do anywhere workouts or alternatively ask any of our coaches for short time efficient workouts

Holiday Survival tool #3

– Drink more cups of water
As delicious as alcoholic beverages and sodas can be simply sipping on a glass of water between beverages or meals will help you consume fewer high-calories drinks.

There you have it don’t let the simplicity fool you. We all know things we should be doing but I dare you to take action on these 3 tips. Enjoy your holidays!