How to stay in shape when you are busy?

You’ve been exercising for months and then get derailed by the holiday season. Here’s how to stay in shape when you’re busy- it’s easier and faster than you think.

December is here and before we know it, Christmas will be here. The kids are out of school next week, there’s shopping to be done and the many lunches and dinners to be had. Just because we may have limited tim doesn’t mean you shoud stop working out!

Instead of stopping all together its much more easier to do shorter mini- workouts frequently rather then setting aside 1 hour a few times a week.

Here are 5 Body weight workouts you can do at home anytime. I’ve also included 5 kettlebell workouts you can do in case you have access to the complete hand held home gym.

Mini Bodyweight Workouts:

Workout 1:
Bodyweight Squat x 10
Crawl x 10m
Reverse Lunge x 10/10
Pushup x 5-10
3 -5 rounds
*no rest between exercises- instead rest at the end of each round

Workout 2:
Shrimp Squat x 5/5
Hollow body plank x 20 sec
Downward dog to plank x 5-10
3- 5 rounds
*focus on slow quality shrimp squats

Workout 3:
Body weight Squat
Primal Burpee

Workout 4:
Deadbug x 10/10
Walking lunges x 10/10
Plank shoulder taps x 10/10
Single leg glute bridge x 10/10
3-5 rounds

Workout 5:
Hindu Squats
Primal Burpees
4 minutes each exercise- 20 sec work, 10 sec rest for 8 rounds
8 rounds of squats, then 8 rounds Lunges, then 8 rounds of primal burpees

There you have it 5 mini bodyweight workouts you can do anytime anywhere to keep your body moving over the Christmas season.

If you follow us you may know one of our favourite tools other then bodyweight we like to use to help get people strong is the kettlebell. As bonus I’ve included 5 kettlebell workouts in case you own the ultimate hand help home gym tool there is.

5 bonus One Kettlebell Workouts:

Workout 1: The classic
10 x 10 Swings OTM (On the minute)
*Perform 10 swings on the minute for 10 minutes
*focus on maximal power every swing

Workout 2: Program minimum (All you ever need)
Turkish get up L
Swings x 10
Turkish get up R
Swing x 10
3- 5 rounds

Workout 3: Metabolic hit
Swing x 10
Goblet Squat x 5
Primal Burpee x 5
*Perfrom 10 swings immediately followed by 5 goblet squats and 5 Primal burpees, Then perform 10 swings immediately followed by 4 goblet squats and 4 primals burpees. Continue pattern 5-4-3-2-1

Workout 4: Dan Johns ButtBlaster 4000
Bulgarian Goat bag swing
Goblet Squat
Perform 1 x Bulgarain goat bag swing and x 1 Goblet squat, then 2-2, then 3-3, 4-4, 5-5 etc until you have had enough

Workout 5: Ultimate core training
Overhead Carry 20m
Rack Carry 20m
Suitcase Carry 20m
*complete all exercises on left side then complete on R
*Set timer for 12 mins and perform as many quality rounds as you can