Most clients feel a little overwhelmed when learning the Turkish Get Up.

There is a lot to learn. You have to remember the steps involved and you’re still figuring out how to move your body. All this takes time, but after a few more practice session you will definitely feel comfortable.

You may be thinking why do we, here at Box33 teach such a complicated movement so early on in your training.

The reason is because the Turkish Get Up has so many benefits.
– It is great for shoulder health
– Great to discover your weakest link
– Great for improve mobility
– It incorporates many movement patterns. For example, a pushing movement, rolling, hip hinge, rotation, lunge and loaded carry. Not many other exercises has so much bang for the buck
– It makes you strong
– It helps create an armour shield for your body
– Links mind and body. You need to be present in the moment when you have weight over your head.

To help you get more familiar with the Turkish Get Up we have created a little video for you to watch.

At Box33 we never do workouts. We do practice sessions. We are always practicing to become a better version of ourselves. The enjoyment comes from the journey and constantly striving to be better.

Watch the video and enjoy the practice.

Here are a few tips to help you master the Turkish get Up.

If you struggle to get up on to your elbow during the Turkish get up then this tip could be for you.

Packing the Shoulder Tip