All I wish for this Christmas is…

The story of Katie…

“A few nights back, I quietly sneaked out from my bed after the whole house had finally become silent. My body was as heavy as anything and my eyes were bloodshot and drowsy… I was so exhausted…

But I had to do this. Actually I should say, I WANTED to do this.

So, I could see a huge bright smile on my 6 year-old son’s face next morning.

What was it I was doing in the middle of the night, tired and exhausted and just longing to stay in bed?

I was moving my son’s Elf on the Shelf called Holy Diamond.

Last year I had gotten out of my bed in the middle of night for 25 days leading up to Christmas. And here it comes again, this year I am doing the same for my son.

To drag myself out from the comfy bed after all the hectic daily life only to move elf… my motivation… just to see my son smile.

That’s it. His precious smile is priceless.

Then a thought came to me…
I want to spend more Christmas’s with my son and family for many years to come.

Then next moment I was thinking of my dad who passed away at age of 65 suddenly.

I am now 41.

The thought of not having my dad on Christmas hit me hard and made me wish…

This year for Christmas, All I wish for is… HEALTH and WELLNESS for my family.

And the wish starts with ME!!

I want to get stronger, fitter, be more energetic and not have aches and pain when I move… so I CAN see my son’s smile for many many more years!!”

That was the story of Katie, who decided to change her fitness and health by taking fitness lessons at Box33 for her family and herself.

Christmas is a magical time.

Starting something new in this magical time may make your wishes come true.

Your small step and courage to message or give Box33 a call is all it takes to start your inspirational journey of wellness.

This year, right now make a change with health and fitness for yourself and for your family!!

Box33, Perth’s personal training studio has an awesome offer for you to join the community before the Christmas.

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