Put an End the Misery of Migraine Headaches…

Get the help you need from Massage Therapy Treatments… because they work. Look, if you suffer from simple headaches or more severe migraine headaches, you know just how debilitating they can be… how much they impact every facet of your daily life.

A simple headache can leave you feeling pain on one side of your head or on both sides, in the front of your head or in the back. The pain you experience can be dull or it can be throbbing. It can cause you to become ultra-sensitive to light… to suffer from blurred vision… to see spots… to feel sick… to become just plain miserable.

Importantly, 84% of all Australians have had a severe headache or a migraine headache just in the last 12 months. Equally important, those headaches may have lasted for just a few minutes… or for several days.

And when you suffer from a headache, you can aggravate the condition by stooping, straining, coughing or by consuming certain foods. It’s a terrible feeling… until it finally goes away.

While you’re suffering from a headache, however, you generally find it difficult, if not impossible, to perform even simple activities, such as household chores or school work… you’re irritable, angry… and you want to lie down. Mostly, you want to fee better.

And, you can – and will – feel better with the help of a Massage Therapy Treatment. A professional massage will ease your pain, help alleviate some of the stress you feel, make you much less irritable while it enhances your concentration and, best or all – improve your Quality of Life.

All of that is possible in the controlled and relaxed atmosphere we’ll provide for you here at Box33 Massage Therapy Recovery Room. Book Online for an appointment today. We can help you… starting with your very first massage.

“Finally a MASSAGE Clinic that offers the people of Myaree a real solution to headaches & migraines!”