You CAN Eliminate the Agony of
Middle & Upper Back Pain… Starting Today!

There are so many reasons why people – like you – suffer from Middle & Upper Back Pain… and many of them are work-related. If you currently have the problem (which may be why you’re reading these words), you already know what I mean.

The simple act of sitting in a chair all day, in front of a computer, with your back rounded and your head tilted forward, can lead to the aches and pains you feel between your shoulder blades and your neck.

You may even have what many medical professionals call a “tight chest” which may affect your breathing… and you may not even be aware that it’s happening to you.

In truth, such things as “forward head posture” that occurs when you sit at a desk leads to muscle strain in the back and neck… and that is why you currently feel pain. Equally important to you is the fact that rounded shoulders or back (which also comes from sitting at a desk all day) can actually affect your appearance… it can make you seem timid and less assertive. And that can impact your job and career.

Add it all up… there are lots of good reasons to eliminate Middle & Upper Back Pain from your daily life. And, you will be happy to know that we, at Box33 Massage Therapy Recovery Room, can help you do it.

Book online today to arrange an initial meeting so that we can discuss your problem with you… carefully assess your condition… and recommend an appropriate treatment.

We have helped many sufferers of Middle of the Back Pain to alleviate their back pain … improve their breathing … impact their posture to make them look less timid and more assertive and, most importantly … dramatically improve their quality of life. Let us do all of that for you!

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