What happens when you go off track from your goals?

Maybe you started eating and couldn’t stop. Even though you know you should be eating slowly, mindfully and not while watching TV.

Maybe you couldn’t walk pass the Kit Kat chocolate bars at the petrol station.

Trust me I know and I’ve been there many times.

I got this idea from coach Jordan Syatt (he’s a big coach on Instagram but has a good message). His message really resonated with me, as I think it’s something a lot of people really struggle with.

The message is simple but so TRUE.

Have you ever gone out to dinner, ate enough dinner for you and the whole family? Then you worry and stress afterwards because you think you have stuffed up your progress?


Have you ever been sick or injured and had to skip a workout or two or three or a whole week? And did you feel bad or guilty or nervous you might’ve stuffed up your progress?

His message is simple. If you blew past your calories by 3000 or missed one, two or a month of workouts… you didn’t ‘stuff’ up.

The only way you ‘stuff’ up is if you stop all together. If you give up. Quit. Say you’re done.

Otherwise, you can’t ‘stuff’ up. It’s impossible.

Because as long as you get right back on track, you’re going to keep making progress.

Most people use ‘I stuffed up’ as an excuse to keep stuffing up. To stay off track. To not put in more effort. The classic example is having a big night out Friday night and then using that as an excuse to write off the weekend and keep binging.

There’s nothing wrong with straying from the plan for a night as long as you get back on track and don’t use it as an excuse to stay off the plan.

As long as you get back on track, you’re good.

There is no day or time or hour at which you need to arrive to achieve your goals. There is no rush. You’re playing the long game here. It’s for life, not 7 or 21 or 30 days. This is forever and when you’re playing forever you can’t stuff up you just get right back on track.