Do you know someone who not only looks, but is actually in great shape?

It just seems like everything is easy for them. Most probably genetics, right?

The truth is most people are not gifted with genetics, they have to work for it. This is certainly the cases for nearly every client that joins Box33.
So, instead of being jealous, let’s learn from them.

Our most successful clients didn’t get lean and fit overnight. What they did do is create a “new normal” for themselves by building new habits, step-by-step, that eventually crowded out the old ones.

They make it look easier now because it is easier now.

One habit at a time

In the beginning it is always tough, especially if you have not made your health and fitness a priority for a long time. But if you have the right mindset for your health and fitness, you will achieve all your health and fitness goals in your set time frame.

But this is easier said than done. Many people give up when trying improve their health and fitness. Because giving up, seems to be the easiest answer. This is the current habit winning. But, what they don’t know is, that giving up will reduce their confidence to try again in the future.

How many times have your tried to lose weight or get stronger? Was it from exercise, diet or both? When you think of exercising again, right now, is there at little bit of doubt creeping into your mind. This is because of all the times in the past you have given up.

Being Empowered

It is easy to start, but it is hard to stay on the road. Particularly, if there are challenging obstacles that you need to face once you have started. The obstacles might come from work, family life, friends or simply your own self-belief.

However, with an empowered mindset for fitness, you can stay on track.

It all starts with focusing on the journey, not the outcome. You need to praise yourself for turning up to your training session and the effort you put in. Reframe success as the effort you put in, as this is under your control. By acting on what is in your control you are becoming empowered and starting to create a new habit. A new habit that will ultimately lead to your success.

Another reason people give up, is they want a quick fix. And because of this they focus only on the outcome and self-improvement. But to be successful you must begin with self-acceptance. Then you focus on self-improvement, you are subconsciously tell yourself you are not good enough. This action disempowers you. Whereas self-acceptance empowers you to reach your goals as an expression of your inherent worth.

One habit at a time.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey.