In this final series of interviews from Flavio, the Beast Tamer, he leaves us with some final thoughts about getting started at Box33, being humble and understanding the goal is never the end, it is the journey that counts…

“You started up with the 12kg… most people will come in and feel a little bit self-conscious with a low weight but and you know you’ve got goals, but the goal is never the end is the journey to get there, sort of thing. You know, it’s that feeling of constantly improving and stuff like that.

That’s, that’s the main reason you’re one hundred percent, right. That’s my, one of main reason why you must come here. Something, I did a get up at 16kg, I’m also proud of myself, even said to Ramon, who was one of the guys that trained me at that point, I said, Hey, Ramon, look, I did a sixteen, look how strong I am and he goes, Yeah, right. I’m doing 28kg. Okay, great.


So, it humbles you. You know, even when Pavel says once, you can do a get up with 48kg, that’s when you start training. That’s when the Russians really started training. So, it gives you a sense of say, ok great to get strong I need to at least be comfortable with the 48kg. So, now I’ve got bells at home that are heavier. I’ve gone up to a 90kg, 90kg bell and you know you gets stronger and stronger and that’s the purposes so that I’m healthy for my kids that the main thing now. I’ll have three kids soon, so I want to be as good example for them so that, you know, they say that I’m not overweight. I’m not looking after my health and also my mental health. The fact that coming in and training with people get to have a laugh, I get to have not think of work I get, it allows me time to be to escape it, everything else and actually focus on what I need to do it for myself. So that’s, that’s invaluable. It’s not a lot of guys get their ability to do so. And I’m lucky my wife, that she allows me that time, to be able to actually have that time to myself so that you can reset, as you said earlier, reset, recharge and then hit the day, go to work, solve all the problems that I need to solve and then go back home and spend time with family. So yeah, it’s more, more health looking at longevity life. And you know these other aspects, grip strength is linked to longevity of life, so yeah, I want to be here for so long as I can for my kids.

And that’s the ultimate goal. Isn’t?

Hundred percent. That’s one of the reasons. In fact, one as first out as well, which I haven’t told you this before, said to Tim, I want to lose the weight so that I can be. So, can we can start having kids because I don’t want to be this overweight 99kg guy that’s going to have kids and can’t run and play with my kids because I’m out of breath and I can’t do anything. So that was one of them and also the fact that I come in and it distresses me. So, the fact I want to be able to have a life with my kids now at that stage when I started there was no kids. There was a planning of kids but I said I had to get to a certain point. So that’s the ultimate goal is to have fun with my kids, enjoy life and not get so stressed.

Yeah, definitely. So, congratulations again on being the first-person in Australia to become the Beast Tamer.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for your time to do this interview, and we really enjoyed having you part of the Box 33 community. And we hope to, you know, keep saying bigger and better things from you in the future. So thanks very much. Thank you.”

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