Australia First Beast Tamer, Flavio is going to share his thought about deadlifting.

The Beast Tamers consists of three events: a strict military press, a strict tactical pullup, and a pistol. All with a 48kg kettlebell.
Many strong people are able to complete one of the events. Some can do two. But the ability to do all three is rare. Flavio is one strong – physically and mentally – individual.

We continue the interview where Flavio has just explained how he had a painful lower back before starting at Box33.

“Well, even now when I deadlift, I don’t have that problem. I’m not scared of deadlifting now whereas before I was petrified that if I deadlift, I was going to pop a disc. You know now I can deadlift because I’m being taught the right technique and worked with the technique. I don’t I don’t feel that so grab the bell and also grab the bar and deadlift as I need to.

So, I’m going to deviate sorry from what I original was going to ask you but so many people say they don’t want to deadlift because they going to want to hurt their back. What’s your message to them, does deadlifts hurt your back?

Look like anything, it’s all about technique.
Being an engineer, it about using the right tool for the right job. Okay, a lot of people don’t understand that. Like, I wouldn’t use a spanner to hammer a nail in. Okay, I could, but it’s not the best tool. So learn the right technique, is the first and foremost and for me for lower backs I would highly recommend, I mean, look, there’s so many scenarios, it all depends. But, for me personally, if I have found more chance again, I’ll definitely deadlifting again and in fact, I wish I’d started earlier instead of getting what is it 32 years of age and going, look, maybe I think I should get back into the gym, instead of being a cycling or cardio bunny. I think in fact, if I’d done deadlifting, done some strength work I wouldn’t of had as many problem as I had when I was cycling a lot. So, to me personally, I highly recommend it getting into a gym, learning the right technique and at least training the posterior chain, it’s highly valuable. So in short, yes, recommended, of course, subject to ongoing issues. But, I mean, if Stuart McGill, one of the best back guys in the world, you know, has a full gym and he recommends deadlifts for most of his patients’, there is something to that.”

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