Continuing on with the Interview with Flavio, a Box33 loyal & long member and Australia First Beast Tamer.

Flavio talks about why he joined Box33, his back problem and how good he feels now compared to when he started.

“Okay, so, I’m thirty-seven years old and work as a project manager. I’m working in an engineering firm, which designs and builds subsea robotics. So, my work is very different to the kettlebell world… dealing with engineering problems day in day out.

When did you start at Box 33?

I called Tim, the end of 2013 and we had our first meeting beginning of 2014. The consult lasted for about an hour and a half. We had a nice thorough discussion, about my history, current life and work situation and what I wanted to achieve. I thought I had nothing to lose so I decided to join Box33. It’s about a week after that, I think the second week of January, I started training atBox33.

So, you just ticked over five years at Box33 now?

Yeah, it’s been five years. I’ve tried to figure out how long it was, but yes, about five years I’ve been here.

And what made you choose Box 33?

Yeah. Good question. So, I was researching different ways in which you could get pain free, gain strength and lose fat. I was looking at how different actors got in shape prior to movie roles and you know Ewan McGregor, he was doing a lot of kettlebell work, so I started researching kettlebells and then started trying to figure out where was the best place learn. So, at the time I found Tim and Box33 and another place nearby that I was going to potentially look at. I gave Tim a call and just said, “Look, I want to potentially learn about kettlebells they look interesting”. I didn’t know anything about Strong First had no idea when he said, “Oh, we’re strongfirst gym”, I’m like great that doesn’t mean anything to me. And then slowly, as I started to learn and enjoy kettlebell training, I begun to read all of Pavel’s books etc… so that’s the journey.

Well, that’s great. So, you mentioned you were having back problems when you started roughly five years ago, was it giving you trouble regularly?

I’ve always had a problem with my lower back so, it sort of started when I was rowing, I was sort of rowing in high school and then after high school, being a short man trying to row with guys that are six foot six wasn’t great. You know, you’re trying to row with guys that are taller than you and trying to compensate. So yeah, my lower back was always been a pain. In fact, when I came here, was the first thing I said, look L4-L5 had issues, you know, I don’t want to do deadlifts. I just want to I want to try swinging. I read a bit research from Stuart McGill that he actually uses swings for his patients for rehab work.

Yes. So, if you can remember back to when you had all the pain, to now, that you’ve become stronger and everything like that, how does it feel to move now compared to back then?

So much different. Back then, I remember Tim got me to do just crawling without a ball across the length of the gym, and I was sweating profusely and I was tired and lethargic and back was aching, to now that you know, I can crawl with a 55-65kg, pushing it along. So you know the fact that the strength has helped build that area up, you know, there were some days that I couldn’t training when I first started because my back was so sore, nowadays I very really miss training from sore back. So, the training, plus also some of the chiro that I had, that’s all helped. That whole teamwork approach has helped.

That sounds like they must be a really good community around here then if that is the case.

Hundred percent. That’s one of, that’s one of the main reasons why I’m still here because of the community. Just great people, you can have a laugh, you can train with them… that was the other thing that was difficult for me because when I, when I was doing the beast tamer, I was doing it by myself. So come and do the training session by myself, and I lost… before I was training with people, I’m training with Katie and Guan. We were training in the afternoons and then in the mornings I started training with other people, and I really that was probably a difficult thing I had to get over, was not training with other people, and just doing my own solo thing. Now coming back training with other guys, being able to rock up in the morning talk to people, even on a Saturday, one of things I kept doing as well, which, even though Tim advised me not to, was a Saturday morning classes, I said, No, I’m still going to do the Saturday morning classes because afterwards we get together do a group class and then we would go and have a coffee, we go and have go have breakfast, you know, that kind of that at least nullified the fact that I was doing this by myself.”

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