In a previous post, we had Flavio explain to us his journey to become Australia’s first Beast Tamer.

If you have not watched his interview yet I would recommend go do it now.

But to recap…

The Beast Tamers consists of three events: a strict military press, a strict tactical pullup, and a pistol. All with a 48kg kettlebell.
Many strong people are able to complete one of the events. Some can do two. But the ability to do all three is rare. A man who has completed the challenge is one strong – physically and mentally – individual.

We continue the interview with Flavio to talk about Kettlebells, StrongFirst and StrongFirst certifications.

“I think the simplicity of them.
The fact that I was in a sedentary job so sit down all day. My glutes where really getting activated. The swing really helped activate my glutes, fix my lower back issues. Also, they are very easy to pick up and you start training with them. It’s very minimalistic in that regard. And that appealed to me. Also what appealed to me, I think was, just I didn’t really want to do barbell work, I didn’t really want to do body weight work. I wanted to do something that I could get my heart beat up. I’ve always been, I’ve done endurance work and I wanted to do something a little bit less endurance based. And so that’s what appealed to me and the fact that when I first picked it up and I thought, yeah, this should be easy and realize it was extremely difficult, that’s sort of tickled my fancy…Hey, look, this is going to be a harder process than I was initially thinking.”

Flavio now talks about some of the StrongFirst certifications he has achieved while being a member at Box33.

“Yeah, I’m a bit of, I’m a bit of a certification bunny or how I say this, but yeah, I’ve got all the certification, SFG 1, SFG 2. I mean, some have lapsed, SFL, SFB. Yes, I’ve done all the certs to date, and it’s weird because I’m not really a PT as I said, my previous questions was an engineer. So, what the hell am I doing these Certs, which aren’t cheap…take three days but their worth it, I learned so much information.

So that comes to my next question. So what motivated you to do all these certification?

In short, it was basically to be assessed by an independent person to say that I met a level and I’ve got the technique right. So that’s what my major driver was. People go that’s abit weird and I go, well you know, I train with the guys at the gym, like Tim, like yourself and anybody else and so it can be a bit subjective whereas if you’ve got a master like that comes in from StrongFirst and he’s assesses you, and goes, yep, you’ve met this criteria. It’s like doing in exam. You know? Somebody marks, it says, yes you pass. That’s really what I want to get to this, look, somebody has assessed me has said yeah, I have met those criteria and I pass, and they are not easy, you know?

That was going to be my next question because you say met a level these are obviously StrongFirst certifications are they easy levels to meet or what?

No, and I’m a bit of a testament to that. I failed every single one on the day. If people go well why, and then go look for themselves, they are not easy, and they are not meant to be easy for that very reason, you need to meet a requirement and if you don’t make it, you need to re-sit it. And that’s also what appealed to me the fact that there was no, here’s a participation certificate. You had to make the requirement, once you met it, then you were able to get a certificate, you had to work for it, earn it and that’s what appealed to me immensely for that very reason. The other aspect that was difficult is the training afterwards, is getting yourself back off the ground, out of whatever point you’re at… your upset, depressed you name it, picking yourself up and say, Okay, I failed and start doing something about it so you can pass. My academic career, I never failed anything, you know, but the fact that I failed this was a bit of a change, really struck home, that hey look, you’re no good at everything, you have to actually figure out how to pass this thing. And that was the other turning point that I really appreciate it.

And I like the keywords use that you have to earn it.

Hundred percent.

They don’t just give it to you.

No, like, I mean, I give you an example, at SFG 1, I was at 96 snatches and failed

Four, just four short

Four short because what happened I didn’t’ prep my hands, I got blisters in my hand, the blister popped… actually a couple blisters popped, blood on the hands and then dropped the bell. So, you know, that was the learning point. So, look, you need to maintain your hands, you need to be prepared, you need to not expect to rock up on the day and just passed. So, you have to earn it. Yes.”

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