You may know Flavio as a loyal member at Box33, or as a devoted husband and father, or as a skilled and dedicated Engineering Project Manager. But you may not have known, Flavio is also known as a Beast Tamer.

So what is a Beast Tamer.

The Beast Tamers consists of three events: a strict military press, a strict tactical pullup, and a pistol. All with a 48kg kettlebell.
Many strong people are able to complete one of the events. Some can do two. But the ability to do all three is rare. A man who has completed the challenge is one strong – physically and mentally – individual.

We join Flavio to explain his journey to Tame the Beast…

“Yeah, it was definitely. Yeah, beast tamer, it’s everything with the 48kg, they call it the 48kg kettlebell, the beast. So you’ve got to press it. You’ve got to pistol squat it, and you’ve got a tie it around your waist and do a pullup with it. I was definitely the first in Australia. Don’t know what… fifty something in the world when it came to the beat tamer at that point, that was in end of 2017 and yeah, and same again I didn’t pass for the first time. So I went to Sydney thought had it in the bag didn’t perform as well on the day and so then had to re-sit it at the end of 2017, which once again I had to pick myself up of the floor and figure out how to prepped for it and how to change and improve on technique. Extremely difficult took about a year and a half of training. So, every morning, coming in first thing in the morning doing only those three movements.

So, it’s for nearly a year and a half that’s all you focused on.

About a year I focused on it solely I started prepping for it about half year out and then for about a year are spent prepping full time.

And during that year, did you have any set back or anything that?

Heaps, heaps of setbacks. A couple of shoulder injuries, pulled a couple of muscles. I got ill quite a number of times in fact, four or five times. Had to go over to South Korea for work, so I had to figure out how to train there. I had a child.

Yeah big commitment.

Lack of sleep. So yes, had a lot of different things. Also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. So I had to work out a plan and figure out how to get around that. So, I had to change diet, I had to change supplements, etc. So, there was a lot of setbacks. There was a lot of different things that I had to do it for that period.

So, when most people think attending a gym or something like that, they only think of the physical side but obviously one year of training for a particular goal with setbacks is extremely mental.

Hundred percent. I mean, in fact, the last few days that I started prepping for beast tamer, I would go and sit in a float tank and just mentally think of me succeeding on those three exercises, and that was one of the biggest, and it’s all mental, one hundred percent mental. But when you get setback, you could get injured, you go, all right, do I just push it out for another six months and wait for the next certification or do I just continue and you’ve got those thoughts but it is a hundred percent mental.


You rely on your guys around you to say hey look… get feedback, you’re taking videos to say how do I improve, and it’s one hundred percent mental. In fact, if I hadn’t done that training, yeah, it was probably the most challenging things I’ve had to had to be mentally, even more so than what I’ve had to do in rowing previously.”

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