This statement speaks for itself. If we are stiff and our movement is wooden from sitting all day or nursing injured joints then we cannot look agile and graceful in our movement. Practicing moving, freeing up those stiff joints with increased mobility and building the strength to control the body through movement all add up to an agile and more graceful mover.

Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily. Through the use of pain free movement and a reduction in threat perceived by the CNS, GFM builds the capability to first move better and then move more quickly. Increased proprioceptive skills make it safer for us to move quickly and master rapid changes of direction. Agility can also be related to mental capacity and the ability to think and understand quickly. Games used in Ground Force Method teach hand-eye co-ordination, mental agility and alertness.

Grace is naturally bestowed on only the lucky few, but it can be learned. It is about creating a smoothness and elegance to your movement. This comes from good posture and from ease of movement through practise. Slowing movements down and doing them with intention enhances the gracefulness and forms part of Ground Force Method training. Being more mobile through the joints will make movements smoother and more graceful. Being less self conscious also helps us to have the required confidence and poise to move more gracefully. Feeling fitter and stronger and immersing yourself in the games of GFM will boost self confidence and encourage a proud and poised posture.

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This excellent article was written by Debbi Biggs, one for the Movements, Strength & Rehab Coaches at Box33