Ground Force Method (GFM) improves movement skills, mobility and work capacity which helps us to be fitter, stronger and more functionally able. in reducing pain and building strong and mobile joints, we can continue to move well as we age.

Adaption is the key to longevity and durability. In nature we see that animals who fail to adapt to changing environment become extinct. As humans we put our minds and bodies under stress daily and our minds and bodies must attempt to overcome this stress by adapting specifically to the imposed demands. The specific adaptation to imposed demand (SAID) principle is a core concept in sports science. It is essentially the science way of explaining the phrase we all know as “use it or lose it”. Movements that are not used will be forgotten by the brain and need to be re learned. GFM teaches you to move your body well and safely utilise a full range of motion. With regular practice it is possible to get better at moving well and this then becomes transferable into moving better on a daily basis. Moving better, having better posture and building a strong and resilient body better prepares us to adapt to stresses and strain imposed upon us.

Ground Force Method does not just strengthen joints and Improve mobility, it trains our vestibular, visual and proprioceptive systems and improves balance and co-ordination. These are important factors in maintaining independence as we age. GFM also incorporates play. We know that children learn through play and that in the natural world animals learn essential survival skills though play; so why do we stop playing as adults? Play is important for learning and there is always more to learn. Play is also a distraction from the stresses and time constraints of life and it keeps us young through laughter and fun. Play enables us to improvise and keep our brains active. An active, healthy mind aids longevity.

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This excellent article was written by Debbi Biggs, one for the Movements, Strength & Rehab Coaches at Box33