Beyond the obvious mantra that moving more means burning calories and therefore aiding fat loss, Ground Force Method (GFM) promotes fat loss and fitness through creating efficient, functional moving bodies. GFM enables you to build a resilient, strong body which can move without pain. This in turn empowers clients to get leaner and fitter. GFM works at differing levels of intensity through the course of a session. By using periods of low intensity movement, participants are able to move for most of the session rather than spend time idle. The low and medium intensity parts of the practice will still elevate the heart rate and increase cardiovascular fitness. There are also some higher intensity parts to Ground Force Method training which really get the blood pumping and encourage metabolic conditioning but they are cleverly sandwiched with active rest periods and movement exploration to allow the body to recover and to reduce stress on the CNS. Moving well and becoming pain free creates confidence and as we become more confident we can move more, build strength and progress our training to become fitter and stronger. This may help us to become healthier by making better choices surrounding our nutrition and self-care also.

Many fitness regimes enable people to get fitter whilst overlooking functional limitations and this leads to injuries, imbalances and asymmetries. GFM uses primitive movement patterns to correct dysfunction whilst also improving fitness. This leads to an ability to move more efficiently and creates a solid foundation for more effective strength, endurance and power training.
Ground Force Method also has a focus on correct and efficient breathing; breathing deeply through the nose and having the capacity to slow the breathing. This is not only beneficial for bracing to protect the spine and for recovering more quickly during periods of high intensity exercise, but it has been shown to aid fat loss. Fat loss occurs through a process of oxidation and we exhale the resulting C02 and water. This process requires oxygen and therefore breathing more efficiently allows us to intake and utilise more oxygen, and exhale more resultant C02.

The use of playfulness and games in GFM practice also has a role to play in promoting fitness. An exercise regime that is enjoyable is far more likely to be continued from day to day. If you find training boring or you struggle to find time to get to the gym, GFM allows you to move and have fun whilst improving your fitness. It is also suitable for all ages so it can be practiced with family and friends, creating social cohesion and a level of accountability.

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This excellent article was written by Debbi Biggs, one for the Movements, Strength & Rehab Coaches at Box33