What are the best exercises for strong, powerful, healthy shoulders?

What’s the best exercises that will make your core strong?

What exercises make my body more injury resilient?

What exercises help my ‘lose fat and tone up’?

I get these questions a lot…

There is always one answer that comes to mind again and again.

Instead of writing a million articles on different exercises on the above topics I thought I would save myself and the reader time and explain the one exercise that can do it all the ‘Turkish get up’.

The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is one of the most valuable exercises for every fitness enthusiast and athlete.

If there is a break through exercise for most people, this is it. This exercise has too many benefits to name but below is a quick list of some of the key reasons to include TGU in your training.

• Improves total body strength
• Better movement quality
• Improves mobility (specifically shoulder, thoracic spine, hip and ankle)
• Improved shoulder and spine stability
• Improved conditioning
• Improved body composition (contributes to fat loss, muscle building)
• Makes the body more durable and resistant to falls
• Contributes to injury prevention
• Enhances athleticism
• Builds resiliency

Getting up and down from the ground under load is a very powerful thing for the human body. Physiologist Bret Contreras took EMG measurements of over fifty exercises, midsection and full body. “The TGU was the only exercise in this experiment that had over 100% peak activation in all four core muscles that were tested.”

Here is a short video demo I did performing the TGU

Next time TGU’s pop up in your program get excited as you know your body will thrive from this movement.

The best place to learn the Turkish Get UP is at Box33!