If you want to get fit quickly, keep in mind that safety is one of the keys to success! If you spend an ample amount of time away from your Kettlebell training icing injuries or nursing wounds, you are wasting precious time that could be spent building muscle and burning fat. Obviously the best recourse is to train safely to avoid getting hurt, right?

Following are some safety tips that I have learned from years of training, some of them were learned the hard way. I want to share them with you to spare you any unnecessary pain or discomfort. After all, isn’t that what friends are for?

Here’s some safety tips not to be ignored, a few of which I have learned the hard way! I’m sharing them so you can avoid any unnecessary mishaps.

7 Safety Tips for Kettlebell Training

1. Make sure you have enough room
Never compete for space with your Kettlebell as eventually you will drop your Kettlebell.It is inevitable and you don’t want to lose your toes. The same applies for training in close proximity with others. You don’t want to drop your Kettlebell on someone else’s feet.

2. Remember: You are in control!
When training with Kettlebells, your mantra should be “I am in control!” It is easy, especially as a beginner, to slip into the mindset of “My kettlebell controls my movements.” This line of thinking can lead to blunders which can cause injury. Keep in mind that your body moves in accordance with your thinking. You must constantly remind yourself that your Kettlebell is not in control, you are!

3. Do not forget to warm up before working out
As with any workout, it is common sense to warm up before your workout with your kettlebell, especially if you are training with heavier Kettlebells. Start off with some stretches, mobility, crawling and a few reps with lighter Kettlebells beforehand to avoid strained or pulled muscles. Your body will thank you later!

4. Remain focused at all times
Along that line of thinking, it is also essential that you remain focused at all times. Mental training is as important as physical training in any type of workout. You should be 100% focused on your training, rather than thinking about how cute the person next to you looks while stretching, your next paper due for University, what you want for dinner or your 9 a.m. meeting at work tomorrow morning! Even the most experienced Kettlebell trainers will tell you that it is imperative that you respect the Kettlebell movements and to retain focused throughout the entire workout. Studies indicated that this will also help increase strength training.

5. Keep your wrists neutral
Never hyperextend your wrists. Trust me, I speak from experience, it is not pleasant. As you begin your kettlebell training, correct grip is one of the essential things to keep in mind. Flexing or extending your wrist will minimise power, which can potentially cause some easily avoidable, self-inflicted injuries. This simple reminder can save you a lot of time (and aspirin) in the future!.

6. Treat all size Kettlebells with the same respect
Treat all size Kettlebells with the same respect, imagining it as the heaviest kettlebell you can lift. This includes your warm-ups and movements with lightweight kettlebells. Remember, you are ultimately using a weight that can cause harm to yourself, others and even the surrounding environment!

7. Make sure to correct your form between reps
On occasion, you will find yourself breaking form during a repetitive Kettlebell routine. The best advice I can give you is to never attempt to resolve the issue mid-lift, press or swing as this could result in a larger problem such as an injury. It is best to fix your form between reps when the Kettlebell is no longer in motion.

If you keep these safety tips in mind, you will have a safe, fun and effective workout. As well, your body will become more resilient toward injury. A simple rule is to treat your kettlebell with the same respect as you would yourself.