With the holiday season right around the corner, more and more people are trying kettlebell training to loss weight and stay fit. Kettlebells are a serious strength and fitness training tool that requires a bit of skill to truly develop mastery. Kettlebells are not “thigh masters” or “shake weights.” Although kettlebell training is seemingly harmless, there are a few common mistakes that can be avoided with good instruction, common sense, and these smart tips. Beginners, please see below for these smart useful kettlebell tips!

Pay attention to these tips and you will increase your chances of staying injury-free and improve your kettlebell training!

Mistake 1: Going too heavy. This is especially important for beginners to note. The quickest way to discourage oneself and/or injury oneself is by trying to do too much before your body is adequately trained. Kettlebell movements with a kettlebell that is too heavy for a beginner to handle increases the chance of injury to the beginner’s muscle. Many rotator cuffs have been stained be ego-driven fitness enthusiasts who have tried to do kettlebell exercises too difficult for their level of mastery. If you should be using a 20kg kettlebell, do not try an exercise using a 32kg kettlebell.

Mistake 2: Using Isolation Movements. Kettlebell training is all about compound movements, not small join isolation moves that you typically see people doing at the gym with light dumbbells. Wrist or bicep curls should not be exercises with kettlebells. Kettlebell training is made for increasing strength, power, and fitness over the entire body by working on the body as a whole. So, focusing on very small parts of the body or each body part one-by-one would be a drastic mistake. This is a key difference in the Kettlebell Training. This is what puts a kettlebell program a leap above others!

Mistake 3: Over Relying on Arms to Move Kettlebells. Many beginners try to pick up their kettlebells using a rounded back and solely their arms. This is a common mistake that will not only limit the power you can generate but that can also precipitate serious injury. Advanced kettlebell trainers will inform you that most of your power comes from your shoulders, hips, quads, and core. Try to learn the habit of using your entire body to move your kettlebells early to avoid injury and get the best out of your workouts!

Mistake 4: Not Building a Solid Foundation. There are plenty of kettlebell exercises to learn as you start out as a beginner and progress through the advanced master levels. As a beginner, focus all your energy on building a solid and strong kettlebell foundation. Please understand this could take up to a year or two. Embrace the simplicity of kettlebells and focus on the basic exercises that work to create the strength you desire and the body of your dreams!

Avoid all the beginner mistakes listed above in the table and you will find yourself on the fast track to kettlebell fitness success!

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