Introducing Tim’s new favourite all round training and lifestyle shoe.


I (Tim) have, as many of you know, more Vivobarefoot shoes than any one person on this planet.

Why you ask?

Because after many years in the military I have become hardwired in believing I should only work with the best equipment I can find. I have learned that not doing so ends up costing dearly.

From many years of hard work carrying huge loads, constantly being wet, wearing combat boots, getting frost bite in Afghanistan and generally being punished, my feet were in a bad way.

I made it my mission to restore full health to my feet and from much research and education I discovered that barefoot movement was the only way to proceed. I had such drastic results in relation to not only getting out of pain but my foot actually started to change shape.

Because of my own personal success story, I wanted everyone who trained at the Box to also benefit from barefoot training. So in the early days at Box 33 everyone who trained with me wasn’t allowed to wear shoes.

Yes that’s right, I wouldn’t train you if you had shoes on. I soon learned that this hard-line approach didn’t always fly and it was time to let go of my military mentality somewhat.

I started searching for a footwear company that I could get behind and get my members wearing that resembled the naked foot.

I am so grateful I found Vivobarefoot as they offer the largest range of footwear and were actually the first company ever to sell minimalist footwear.

Since then I have always promoted the thinnest sole possible. Shoes like the Primus Lite (seen below), a super thin sole that is basically just a slipper that allows the foot to move as if you weren’t wearing shoes at all.


The Primus Lite is a fantastic shoe and still one of my favs but what I have noticed is that at Box 33 we work our shoes hard. Damn hard!

With things like crawling and the sled, the airbike and kicksits. I can’t imagine any other studio’s pushing their footwear like us. We are machines!

So I’ll get to my point.

A friend of mine ordered a pair of Primus Trails and admittedly the only reason I then ordered a pair was because I didn’t like the fact he had them and I didn’t. I was very surprised with what came next.

The Vivobarefoot Primus trail is actually the most comfortable Vivobarefoot shoe I have ever worn.

This shoe has fancy rope and toggle laces that allows you to easily get them on and off. The grip is unreal but still thin enough for your feet to feel naked.


But the main selling point for me is that the Primus Trail is EXTREMELY hard wearing. The soles are designed for running and hiking on trail (as the name implies) and built to withstand abuse.

This makes the Primus trail the perfect shoe for Box33. The extra grip will serve you well outside on the sled and you’ll be able to wear them as a recreational shoe as well.

I am converted. I have a pair in every colour.

The Primus Trail was made for us. This is the official Box 33 Shoe.